PACT LA - Positive Alternative Choices Today
Empowering BIG people to inspire little people (10-15) through work and learning
  Tapestry panels created for PACT   Nonprofit PACT helps at-risk 10-15 year olds
make their transition to adulthood a success! In
PACT, kids avoid two of the worst "wrong turns"
they can make: joining a gang or dropping out
of school.
  PACT Kids Movie1-minute video   Acclaimed for how its adult-mentored Work Ethic (WE) program's "learning by doing" built self-esteem into upwards of 1000 at-risk 10-15 year olds, this year we will work with PACT's longtime champion, LA Congressman Ted Lieu, to update the 1938 Federal Child Labor Law to permit safe work for children under 16; AND we will seek new character-building explorations for our kids.  
PACT kids have Fun!   This year, PACT's Lifetime Education Empowerment Program (LEEP)will lead a nationally significant in school/after school demonstration with 20 struggling 7th graders. Each will proceed at his/her own pace, "learning how to learn," through BESP/IPP.
  PACT kids have Fun!   BESP (Basic Essentials for Social Participation) is explicitly structured mentoring, until a student gets "stuck." Then they are taken to the IPP (Integrated Practice Protocol) lab for the deep probings of psychological factor analysis—all manner of physical and mental exercises—to assess & clear the learning block, after which they return to BESP to continue their "learning how to learn." (The video at left provides an overview; details in the Learning Capabilities (LEEP) section.)
View our short video
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