PACT LA - Positive Alternative Choices Today
Empowering BIG people to inspire little people (10-15) through work and learning
  Tapestry panels created for PACT   Nonprofit PACT helps at-risk 10-15 year olds
make their transition to adulthood a success! In
PACT, kids avoid two of the worst "wrong turns"
they can make: joining a gang or dropping out
of school.

There is no potent lobby to speak for at risk kids.
You can help!

Please donate here...and read on...

PACT Kids Movie   Since 1994, PACT's acclaimed Work Ethic Education Program (WE) has provided upwards of 1,000 kids a real, one-on-one adult-coached work experience--and not a single one of these kids has been registered with Juvenile Hall. We teach them determination, how to present themselves and build self-esteem as they earn stipends daily and trips monthly.
  PACT kids have Fun!   This year, PACT's new Lifetime Education Empowerment Program (LEEP)will lead a nationally significant after-school program. Half of each failing 7th grader's time will be spent on the computer and half on a workbook with full-time personal supporters to help–proceeding at his/her pace to overcome specific learning impediments.
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